The following elected FDP/APA members assumed their duties at the 2008 FPD Workshop Business Meeting.

Division Chair
Letitia Gomez, AICP
U.S. Navy
1720 Euclid Street NW
Washington, D.C. 20009-2810
Tel: 202.232.7228
[email protected]

Division Chair-Elect
Mark Sanchez, AICP
[email protected]

Ms. Christine Hoeffner, AICP
Virginia Railway Express
28 South Hudson St.
Alexandria, VA 22304
Tel: 703.838.5442
[email protected]

Director of Publications
David Ziegman, AICP
Woolpert, Inc.
409 East Monument Avenue
Dayton, Ohio 45402
Tel: 937.461.5660
Fax: 937.461.0743
[email protected]

Immediate Past Chair
Stan Mael, AICP
102 East Moreno Avenue
Colorado Springs, CO 80903
Tel: 719.473.7063
Fax: 719.473.7092
[email protected]

Membership Coordinator
Heidi Perham, AICP
BCRA Associates, Inc.
2106 Pacific Avenue, Suite 300
Tacoma, WA 98402
Tel: 253.627.4367
Fax: 253.627.4395
[email protected]

Federal Planning Division Agency Representatives

United States Air Force
Joseph Hart, AICP
Tel: 618.229.0782
[email protected]

US Department of Energy
Chuck Borup
Tel: 803.725.1579
[email protected]

United States Marine Corps
Andrea Schiavino, AICP
Tel: 703.695.8321 ext. 3310
[email protected]

United States Army
Jerry Zekert, USACE
Tel: 202.761.7525
[email protected]

United States Navy
Alan Zusman, AICP
Tel: 202.761.7525
[email protected]

United States Coast Guard
Leo Lozano, AICP
Tel: 510.637.5503
[email protected]

USDA Forest Service
David Loomis, AICP
Tel: 775.884.8132
[email protected]

Department of Commerce


General Services Administration
Bob Harding, AICP
Tel: 202.501.1411
[email protected]

National Park Service

Defense Logistics Agency

Defense Contract Management Agency

Canadian Agencies
Lisa Headley
Tel: 613.995.8829
[email protected]

Consulting Firms
Steve Baird, AICP
Tel: 210.495.9005
[email protected]

Student Representative
Andrew Coburn
Tel: 303.345.8883
[email protected]