How To Make First Step To Government Property Career?

Government property is all things and goods that belong to the state. To this kind of property we can include military units, national nature parks, government colleges and universities, museums, galleries, federal highways, production industries objects, etc.

Main features of working in the government property sector

Work with state property includes management and analysis of processes in the field of land relations, geodesy, cartography, state registration of real estate, rights to it and transactions with it, management, disposal, privatization, evaluation and accounting of property owned by the country, as well as maintaining relevant registers and statistics. Federal property sector requires high level of competence, knowledge and responsibility for the results of your work.Therefore, before you start preparing to apply and contact the best federal resume writing service, we recommend you to read the materials of this article.

Key areas of government property work

1. State service:
– granting ownership rights, lease, permanent (indefinite) use, gratuitous use of land plots that are in federal ownership;
– granting to religious organizations the ownership rights or gratuitous use of Federal property for religious purposes;
– termination of the rights of individuals and legal entities in case of voluntary renunciation of rights to land plots.

2. Sale and disposal of government property:
– seized, confiscated and other property managing;
– wood sales.

3. Privatization:
– stock sales;
– sale of used military equipment;
– realization of the largest state assets.

4. Federal land plots:
– land plots sale and rent;
– information about disputed land plots.

5. Public procurement:
– drawing up plans and schedulesof placing of orders;
– analysis of statistical information.

6. Federal targeted and state programs:
– drafting federal property management concepts;
– drafting federal property state programs.

property sector employees

7. International cooperation

8. Fight against corruption:
– organizing anti-corruption events;
– development of normative and other acts in the anti-corruption area;
– anti-corruption expertise.

9. Corporate governance:
– formation of a methodological base for improving corporate governance standards;
– development of tools for improving quality standards in corporate governance;
– stock control. Activities of the audit commissions.

10. Accounting of federal property and maintaining the register:
– register of federal property;
– determining the purpose of federal property;
– developing of methodological materials.

General requirements for an employee in the government property sector

Work in the government property sector varies depending on the above areas. Therefore, the requirements for the staff member depend on the specific direction of work.But in spite of everything, the ideal candidate for work in this area should have exceptional communication and negotiation skills, excellent attention to details, great writing skills.  To cope with this task, you can use the help of a writing service. For this purpose, we have compiled a rating of the best services. – here you can see our listing.

What experience do you need to get career success?

The specifics of this work is often accompanied by complex transactions with real estate and assets, so you need to think relying on a huge number of regulatory legal acts, thoroughly know the laws and so on.
Short list of general requirements for an employee includes:
– experience in interpreting and applying legal and regulatory requirements;
– comprehensive knowledge of local government operations, including policy development and legislative requirements;
– experience in preparing letters, reports and general correspondence;
– experience in processing contract agreements and land lease terms;
– experience in negotiating tenure agreements.

What is the responsibility?

Responsibility extends to the following points:
– interaction with public authorities and society in relation to the management of public lands;
– ensure efficient leasing and licensing of state property;
– effective preparation of reports and briefings with a clear deadline.

Why should you work in the state property sector?

First of all, this type of employment is very prestigious.Secondly, it is a great salary.Also you and your family have access to some benefits.As a rule, all employees have access to a health insurance program.Such programs include health insurance for the employee, his or her husband or wife and for their children until they turn 26 years old. Health insurance also extends to dental and vision care.In addition, you get a real right to influence the future of the country and its environment.


Like any other job, work with government property has some disadvantages.
The main of them:
1. Time. As a rule, the full implementation and success of each task requires a lot of time. Therefore, you may not see the immediate results of your work in a short time;
2. A lot of red tape and routine. The complicated system of rules, procedures, and restrictions for managing employees and programs often disappoint.But these restrictions also save us from hasty and wrong actions.
3. Hiring process. The hiring process in any federal service takes longer than in any other sector. However, the government has already made some efforts to optimize this.
4. Policy dependence. Government or federal property work is not inherently political, but it is influenced by politics.And people in power, as we know, have their own priorities.