The Division’s purpose is to provide a forum for people involved in the development and/or implementation of comprehensive planning and land management policies, techniques, and procedures for federal properties located within the United States and overseas. By focusing on planning and land management, the division’s objective is to improve the quality of life for persons who live on, work on, and/or use federal lands and facilities; and to protect and enhance the value of federal properties for their designated purposes.

A secondary objective of the Division is to foster positive economic, environmental, and social relationships between federal lands and adjacent, non-federal communities and areas. Finally, the division supports and/or promotes all federal planning programs which provide technical and/or financial assistance to state, regional, and local communities in the United States, and to both US interests and national governments abroad.

FPD publishes a quarterly newsletter, the Network, maintains a web site, and hosts an Annual Workshop in conjunction with the APA National Conference.

Any person or organization with an interest in federal planning may join the division. The division seeks a broad and diverse membership. Individuals or organizations who wish to support the Division’s activities may receive all membership services upon payment of dues, but may not vote on any Division business unless they are paying members of APA. The membership of FPD is diverse, including employees of many U.S. federal agencies and contractors, planners from communities with federal installations, and several international members.

The annual membership fee (in US$) is $25 for APA members, $10 for student APA members, and $40 for non-APA members. Join online or send this form and your check
(payable to American Planning Association) to:

Federal Planning Division, APA
122 South Michigan Avenue, Suite 1600
Chicago, IL 60603-6107

For more information, contact the Division Chair and/or Membership Coordinator.

FPD Activities Include:

  • Conducting sessions at national and state APA conferences and regular business meetings.
  • Holding technical seminars and workshops.
  • Coordinating activities of mutual interest with APA chapters, sections, and other divisions.
  • Maintaining a current website, open to everyone, that serves as a consolidated forum for planning information related directly to federal planners and a portal to broader planning concepts, issues, and education.
  • Preparing papers and articles for publications.
  • Maintaining liaison with organizations, individuals, and political entities directly involved in or affected by federal planning activities.

FPD Objectives:

  • Provide a forum for exchange of ideas and practical experience among federal planners.
  • Increase awareness of the impacts of federal planning programs.
  • Strengthen liaison with other professionals and organizations involved in planning that affects federal agencies and installations.
  • Maximize use of limited resources while providing a safe, healthy environment for residents and workers of federal installations.
  • Serve as an advocate for federal planners to gain recognition within the planning community and their respective agencies.